Waves splashing the shores and the dusky rocks, wind embracing the palm trees and playing with your hair, there you lie in a beach chair watching the sun settle down in the sea with a mocktail (or cocktail) in hand…..

Sounds amazing, right?

Who wouldn’t really like to chill in the summer while sipping their favourite summer drink? Almost no one, or rather, no one at all...

Well, while we can’t promise to take you to the beach, we can ensure you that these Summer Mocktail Recipes will surely touch your heart. So here we go….

  1. Iced Tea
    With chai being the most favoured beverage amongst us, there is no doubt with Iced Teas gaining limelight as well. These are simply the recipes you could experiment with by using your favourite flavors. Be it summer fruits like watermelons, cucumbers with a tinge of mint, lemon teamed up with ginger or even rose water. Choose your favourite combination and simply go ahead with preparing your favourite Iced Tea

  2. Watermelon Lemonade
    Here comes one of the most popular fruits, the thirst quencher, watermelon, teamed up with refreshing lemon (you can give it a twist by adding vodka). It is surprising to know how well watermelons go with lemons and make it feel like a Match made in Heaven. Here’s the catch-a hint of mint in this beauty does wonders!a

  3. Virgin Mojito

    The Virgin Mojito is one of the most magical drinks to have in the summer. Made with mushed mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, a pinch of salt, sprite or white rum, this combination is worth falling for. Be it parties or get-to-gathers, serve this heavenly drink chilled and watch the magic unfold!

  4. Cinderella: Fruity Mocktail

    Who doesn’t remember Cinderella? The princess who has won the hearts of all, along with her prince. Well, this mocktail is no different, as it captures the taste buds in literally no time with its fruity flavors. This mocktail is an elegant mixture of three juices; lemon, orange, pineapple and grenadine (a non-alcoholic syrup). Top it off with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry and it’s good to go for any summer occasion.

  5. Mango Margarita

    What are summers without mangoes? And hence, how can this mocktail be different? All you need is mango juice, lime juice, sea salt, sugar, sparkling water or club soda and ice (of course!) Though this mocktail tastes better with Tequila and Cointreau (for a hint of orange flavor), this one is a must try as well!