In the realm of corporate gifting, tradition has often steered us towards the familiar – the ubiquitous household items, bed sheets, or small home appliances. While these gifts serve their purpose, is that truly the lasting impression you want to leave on your valued members, investors, partners, directors, or employees within the banking, finance, and cooperative sector?

A Shift in Perspective for Banking, Finance, and Cooperative Organizations

In the world of banking, cooperative societies, private banks, nationalized banks, credit unions, and other profit-distributing organizations, the annual ritual of gift-giving carries significant meaning. It's about more than just tokens; it's about creating memorable moments, showing appreciation, and nurturing relationships.

Redefining Corporate Gifting for the Financial World

At Yom International, we believe in redefining corporate gifting for the banking, finance, and cooperative sector. We offer you the opportunity to elevate your gifting strategy beyond the ordinary. How? By presenting your stakeholders with something truly exceptional – products that embody health, enjoyment, and luxury.

A Gift with a Difference for Financial Institutions

Our carefully curated range of products goes beyond the mundane. They are designed to delight,pamper, and leave a lasting impression. We understand that your core objective is not merely to give, but to give something remarkable.

The Yom Difference for Cooperative and Financial Organizations

At Yom International, we are dedicated to advancing your organization's core mission. We offer products that resonate with your values and goals, ensuring that the act of giving is not just memorable but also deeply satisfying.

Nurturing Loyalty and Relationships in Banking and Finance

Our luxury products are more than just gifts; they are experiences that evoke gratitude and loyalty. When you choose Yom, you're not just offering a product; you're fostering stronger relationships with your members, customers, investors, and directors within the banking, finance, and cooperative sector.

A Better Way to Give for Financial and Cooperative Institutions

Are you ready to transcend the ordinary and explore a better way of corporate gifting for your banking, finance, and cooperative organization? Yom International invites you to join us on this journey. Discover our range of products that will not only satisfy the recipient but also leave them with a sense of having received something truly exceptional.


In a world where gestures matter, Yom International is here to help you make a lasting impression within the banking, finance, and cooperative sector. Choose Yom products for your corporate gifting needs and take your relationships to new heights. It's time to go beyond the expected and redefine the art of giving.

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