Yom International: "A Brand for All"

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 Welcome to the blogs section! In this article, we are educating you about the tagline that Yom International has i.e: “A brand for All”. 

The tag line is inspired by the vision and intent of the brand, which is to provide 100% organic products to the Yom customers and spread the consciousness of the natural products that are declining day by day.

We have established Yom International with the mission of not getting bound to any area such as FMCG, medical, cosmetics, etc.

We aim at providing you with the required products under the same roof, which are 100% natural, made in India, and cruelty-free.

  • Considering the necessities and customer daily needs we have divided the products into 3 categories:


We have manufactured more than 50 products with 66+ months of research which ranges from the necessities for the health requirement to the luxuries that any individual asks for.



Who are our target customers?

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Having Health Related Issues

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  • Yom International provides numerous products to help the following problems:  
    • Diabetic Patients
    • Patients having Blood Pressure
    • Patients having Joint pain
    • Patients having Hypertension
    • Patients having an Iron deficiency
    • Patients having high cholesterol
    • Having low Hemoglobin
    • Heart Health-related problems
    • To improve the sleep quality
    • To Improve Digestion
    • To improve the immune system
    • And many more…


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Necessity Products

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  • Yom International provides numerous products that are necessary for one’s day to day life, which helps following problems
    • Boosts Immunity
    • Purifies Blood
    • Takes care of Intestine and Liver
    • And many more…

Click here, to know in detail about the Necessity-related products.


 Luxurious Products

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Yom International provides numerous products that make the user feel lavish. The products are inspired by the Planetary System, Birth signs, 5 main components of Earth.


Click here, to know in detail about Luxury-related products.



 Problems occurring because of the cold weather:

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During the winter season in India, or in foreign countries, streets often get covered with ice, and removing it every now and then manually is a difficult task.

Yom International has designed snow melting salt, which comes in contact with the snow and quickly melts it.

Similarly, there are many kinds of salts, manufactured by Yom International, that focus on different areas of problem prevention.

All the products are Nature Friendly, Travel Friendly (Different sizes of packings are available), and completely affordable.


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Thank you for your time!